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Welcome to CCC:s Specialty Shows at Tvååker,  

Saturday July 6th 2024 – judge: Lee Grogan, Ireland
Reserve Judge: Vacant

With reservation for changes.

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Classes and Entry fees:

ClassEntry fee per dog
Puppy class 4-6 och 6-9 months175 SEK
Juniorclass 9-18 Months, Intermediate Class 15-24 Months, Open Class 15 Months, Champion Class375 SEK
Veteran Class (8 years or older)125 SEK

For foreign dogs please send a copy of the registration certificate/pedigree to a few days before you want to make the entry.

For our foreign exhibitors please note:

Foreign owners need to be members of their countries breed, specialty or country kennel club if they are not a member of the Swedish versions of said clubs.

Other information:
At the show you can enter for the following special classes:
child with dog, youngster with dog, brace-class, siblings-class, and many more.
Price per entry SEK 50

Last day of entry/payment: June 27th 2024

The entry fee should be deposited at the CCC’s Bank-Giro: 5569-2271 or if Swish is available to you, send a Swish to 123 312 4922.
For wire transfer please use the following information:
IBAN SE10 8000 0802 1800 4004 9348
Swift address: SWEDSESS

Make sure to include:  your name, the dog’s registration number, and the entered class.

Entry information:

Your entry should be sent to: Agnes Thorlaksdottir, Veckholms-Saby 8, 745 99 Enkoping, Sweden or use SKKs’ Entry Form.

Dogs can be entered in one (1) class only. Mandatory membership in the Chinese Crested Club for Swedish entries or equal club for foreign entries. If more than one owner is registered for the dog, all owners need to meet the terms of membership.

In Breeders class you need four (4) dogs with your kennel prefix from at least 2 different combinations.

In Progeny class you need four (4) dogs by the same sire or dam. In case you are showing the sire, the dogs need to be from at least two combinations.

To make an entry, use the link below: (the form will open in 2024) 


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